Getting Started:

#1 How Does Work

Address your parcel as shown above, with YOUR NAME and OUR ADDRESS.  Track your parcel online, you will be able to see exactly where your parcel is at all times.  After the tracking says "delivered" and signed for give us a day for processing before coming to pick it up. 

Bring your picture ID, tracking information and a copy of the invoice with when picking up your parcel.

#2 - How should I label my Parcel?

When you have a parcel delivered to our store, fill out the shipping information using your full name and our address.  DO NOT mention the store name or phone number in any way.  Do not Mention Loons Nest Store anywhere on the label.

#3 - Should I put "C/O Loon's Nest" on the Label?

NO! Sometimes a shipper might forget your full name and only put our name on the package.   Without your name on the label we have no way of knowing who the parcel belongs to.  When shipping to the store, put your full name and our address.

#4- Can I use the store phone number on my Order?

NO. if the company or shipper has a question they need to be able to contact you.  Calling us will not help them or your.  When placing your an online order use all of your proper information, only use our address and your shipping information

Delivery & Tracking

#5 - Why isn't my Parcel there yet?

Most Carriers need 3-5 days for delivery.  If it has been longer than 5 days and still no sign of your parcel is in our system their is a variety of reasons in may not have yet arrived in our system.  Please track you parcel on the carriers website (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Speedee) if the tracking says that your parcel has been delivered give us a call with that tracking number.

#6 - My Parcel Left Duluth - Virginia - Bemidji at 5 this morning - When can I pick it up?

We can not guarantee when your parcel will arrive here, All delivery trucks have many stops to make, therefore it takes time to get to our location.  We cannot promise that the delivery will be ready for pickup the same day.  Please continue to watch the tracking status.  When the status says that it has been delivered and signed for please give us a day for processing before you come pick up.

#7- Do you sign for parcels?

Yes, we sign for all carriers except USPS.  For USPS the tracking information needs to show delivered one to the International Falls Post Office and then a second time to our store.  Please allow a full day for processing after the tracking says "delivered" before coming to pick it up and be sure to bring your tracking number with you.

#8 - My freight order says it would be delivered today, where is it?

Not all freight companies deliver here - it may be re-consigned to another carriers.  Sometimes they mark it as delivered and it is still in route -  this is more for larger items delivered via large truck and not true with parcels.

#9 - Can you tell me which parcel is there?

The only information we know is when your parcel arrived at our store and how it came (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Speedee)   We cannot tell you where it came from or what is in the box.

#10 - What is the TRACKING NUMBER?

a Tracking Number will be given to you by the shipping company that is carrying your parcel (USPS, UPS, FedEx, Speedee)  Using the shippers website you will be able to track the progress of your parcel from its original location all the way to our store.  Please keep in mind the tracking number is different than the order number.  It is also very important to remember that an order may have more than one tracking number.  Every box that is shipped has its own tracking number.  Please give us a full day of processing before you come to pick up your parcel and always bring the tracking numbers with you.

#11 - I have an order number, is that the same?

No an order number is from the company you ordered from.  The Tracking number will from the company that delivers your parcel (USPS, UPS, FedEx, Speedee)  A tracking number is unique like a fingerprint.  The only time a delivery will not have a tracking number is if it is a small envelope coming through USPS with just stamps.  Check with the party shipping you parcel to confirm whether or not there is tracking information

#12 - What if my parcel has NO Tracking Number?

If an envelope comes in our general mail with no tracking information it goes in the general mail bin.  We cannot guarantee anything that come in this way and therefore do not recommend it. However if you know something will be coming in the general mail with just a stamp and no tracking number, let us know when you come in and we will look in the general bin.

#13 - Will you call me when my parcel comes in?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do that.  Please use the online tracking to keep an eye on your parcels.  Once the tracking says "Delivered" give us a full day for processing before coming to pick it up.   Remember to bring your tracking information and receipt.

#14- The tracking says "OUT FOR DELIVERY" when can I pick up my parcel?

This means your parcel is on the truck and on the way to our store.  Keep an eye on the tracking it may take some time to get to us.  Once your parcel arrives at our store and has been marked "Delivered" give us a day for processing before coming to pick it up and bring your tracking information with you.

#15 - What should I bring with when I come to pick up my parcel?

You will need YOUR VALID PICTURE ID (passport, drivers license or health card) we also strongly recommend that you bring a copy of the tracking number and your invoice

#16 - Should I bring my Tracking information with?

Yes!  it is always a good idea to bring your tracking information when you come to pick up a parcel.

#17- Should I bring an Invoice?

YES!  we do not require any proof of purchase, However it is a good idea to bring an invoice for when you go back through the border.  Many business are going paperless and therefore do not include an invoice in the parcel.  Never Assume there will be one on the box.

#18 -My parcel has been there a long time, are you going to send it back?

No - we don't send parcels back, however we only maintain responsibility for a parcel for up to 60 days and then we do start adding charges after one month.  We prefer you to pick up all your parcels as soon as possible, we don not have enough room to store parcels longer than absolutely necessary.

#19 - Can my friend pick up a parcel for me?

Absolutely! as long as they have a picture ID with them.  We also strongly recommend sending them with the tracking information and a copy of the invoice?

#20 - I have a large number of parcels coming, can I wait to pick them all up at once?

if you chose to let a large quantity of parcels pile up you are running the risk of complications.  Please make trips as often as possible to pick up your parcels to keep the number that are here down.  Also it is very important that you keep tracking information for EVERY box coming in.  Please keep in mind that we do not have space to keep parcels long term.  We maintain responsibility for parcels for up to 60 days and we hold the right to start adding fees after two weeks.

#21 - How Long Can I leave my parcel there?

We strongly recommend picking up your parcels within two weeks of delivery.  We do not have the space to hold parcels long term.  After a month we start charging hold fees, after 60 days we are no longer responsible for the parcel.

#22 - What if I put your store name on the Label?

Sometimes if you mention our store name on the shipping information you name might get knocked off the label.  Without your name on the label we have no way of knowing who the parcel belongs to.  We would then assume it's a parcel for the store and it may be opened.  We don't want this to happen to you.    If a parcel does come in without your full name on it we need the tracking number given to you by the shipping company in order to find the parcel.

#23- I forgot to put my FULL NAME in the shipping information - now what?

Without your full first and last name on the label we have no way of knowing who the parcel belongs to.   We don't wan this to happen to you.  If a parcel does come in without your full name on it we need the tracking number given to you by the shipping company in order to find the parcel.

General Questions

#24 - How do I pay -

We accept US and Canadian currency (subject to exchange rates) and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards.

#25 - Do you ship out FED EX, UPS, Speedee -

Not at this time, we only receive

#26 Are you open for pick up on the Holidays?

We are open 7 days a week 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM (9:00 PM Summer)  we close on American Thanksgiving,  at 4:00 PM Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Easter



3552 Hwy 11 East

International Falls MN 56649

(this is how you should address your parcel)

- we charge a $3.00 per parcel under 40#.

- $5.00 up to 100#, $6.00 up to 150#.

- No parcels over 150# we do not have a fork truck

- Bring tracking information when picking up parcels

Want to know where your parcel is

Track your parcel on the carriers website unit the tracking number given to you at the time of your order.

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